Elementum Massage

Massage Therapy by Andrea Yacyshyn

Welcome to Elementum; I base my practice in both Edmonton and Calgary and travel between the two cities. 

My interest lies in returning you to your regular, if not improved, mobility all while working with you to create a home care program that will enhance your results.  My practice is built on the basis of sound orthopedic assessment, critical thinking, and utilizing the most effective techniques for your concern. Above all, clear communication with and compassion for my clients is of utmost importance. 

My practice is a safe space. It is inclusive, non judgemental, and LGBTQ friendly. 

Client Feedback

"Andrea's technique is focused and not only do I feel relief in my problem areas, I feel like she is healing me." - C.B.

"Words cannot express the amount of physical relief and gratitude I have for Andrea and her TMJD treatment. For the first time in months I'm free from pain." - Janelle A

 My rotation had been restricted by my back and neck for almost a month and it’s about 85% better after only one massage! She released a lot of sticking areas elsewhere so that I can now move and stretch. I feel a lot more mobile and free. She also gave me some new stretches and made suggestions to prevent my problems from reoccurring. I have been receiving massage therapy for many years and have experienced many therapists. Andrea was able to progress my healing in one treatment that normally takes 2-3 treatments. I can't wait to see her again!" - Bonni W

To call what she does magic would do a disservice to how seriously she is invested in the art and science of healing. She understands my body, not just because she's also a performance artist and leads and active life, but because she takes the time to know me so she can treat me holistically. She also empowers me by sharing her body knowledge so I understand my treatment plan, and I leave with exercises and stretches I can do at home to support my health. - Carlynn M