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I'm so glad you found me! I'm looking forward to working with you. Effective February 2018 I am no longer able to accept new clients who require evening appointments. If you are a new client, you are welcome to book any appointments before 4pm. Please don't hesitate to email with questions

What can you offer me?

I offer therapeutic massage therapy; if you have muscle pain, limited range of motion, or an old injury, I can help you solve it. I offer customized treatments from  relaxation to deep tissue massage. I use trigger point therapy to help break up "knots" and various fascial and mobilization techniques to help your joints move with ease.

Please note: this is a professional business,  all massage services provided by this practice are non-sexual. Neither the massage therapist nor the client will tolerate sexual conversation or behaviour at any time. 

I've never had a massage before - what should I expect?

First you'll fill out the health history form. We will go over it together and I'll ask additional questions to help me understand what might be happening with you to cause pain or discomfort. From there we will discuss how the treatment will go; what issues we will be addressing and how you will be positioned on the table. 

I will leave the room and you will undress to the level of your comfort and lie on the table, under the sheets and blankets. I will return and add bolsters and offer additional heat make you more comfortable. Any body part that is not being worked on will stay under the sheets and blanket; only the area being treated will be "undraped."

During the treatment, please feel free to give feedback on your comfort level, the pressure of massage, and anything that is uncomfortable. You are welcome to zone out, fall asleep, or chat with me - whatever makes you most comfortable.

Once the massage is finished, I will leave the room so you can re-dress. Once you are dressed, please open the door and I will come back in to discuss further treatments, home care, and collect payment.